If you have received a postcard through your door advertising this research then you’re eligible to be interviewed about your treasured garment.  Taking part is entirely voluntary and unpaid, you are free to withdraw at any time and request that all data held about you is destroyed.

What is this research about? 

The research investigates clothing that people cherish above others and the reasons they have for doing so. The garment in question will be something you would not wish to be without, your most treasured garment. It could be a garment you still wear, have worn in the past but no longer wear or have never worn.

Where will the interview take place? 

The study will interview you in your own home. It will involve having the garment present during the interview, allowing the researcher to touch/ examine the garment, showing the researcher where and how the item is stored, and showing any photographs of the garment being worn.

What happens if I agree to take part? 

  • The research will take data such as your name, address, age, gender, ethnic background and contact details, these details will be held securely and not shared with anyone else in line with The Data Protection Act, 1998.
  • The researcher will arrange a time to come to your home and conduct an interview with you about your garment, wardrobe and memories associated with them. This interview will last between 1 and 2 hours and there will be 2 researchers present.
  • Interviews will be sound and video recorded, the researcher will also take photographs of the garment, where it is stored and your home.
  • The researcher will handle, measure and examine your garment while you are present. If your garment is delicate or fragile and you do not want it to be handled, please note this on the consent form.
  • You can request anonymity in this study and choose the pseudonym that you will be referred to as. If you do not request anonymity, the researchers will use your first or given name.
  • No personal data will be shared with anyone else, the photographs, videos, audio recordings will only be shown in public with your prior, written consent.

What happens to the information I give? 

This research aims to create an exhibition (either in a physical space or online) to share the stories and history of your treasured garment with a wider audience, if you do not want your information/ garment to be a part of this, please let the researcher know using the consent form. It is possible to be a part of the research without being part of the exhibition.

 How do I prepare for the interview? 

  • Identify your most treasured garment and consider the reasons you have for treasuring it
  • Locate any images/ photographs of the garment being worn
  • Ensure you have easy access to the garment and know where it is stored in order to show the researchers

As you will be discussing memories associated with your treasured garment, this may bring up strong/ upsetting emotions and recollections and it is advisable to prepare yourself for this.  If your garment is delicate or fragile, please note that moving and handling it may cause damage, the researcher will not touch your garment without your consent.

Any Questions? 

If you have any additional questions please email sophie.wood@stu.mmu.ac.uk

Download a printable version of the Participant Information Sheet here

Download the consent form here