What is your Treasured Garment?


Why do we value some clothes above others? What is it about a garment that makes it difficult or impossible to part with? How does our relationship with these garments affect our everyday life?

These are just some of the questions my PhD research sets out to answer through a study of individuals’ most treasured garments.

The dictionary definition of ‘treasured’ is ‘keep carefully’ and/or ‘value highly’, it could be an item worn often, infrequently or not at all.  What matters is the connection between the person and the garment.

Over the next 3 months we will be conducting interviews with people from South East London about their most treasured garments. If you have received a card through your letterbox, you’ve come to the right place! Please visit the ‘Info for Participants’ Page to find out more.


If you would would like to ask any questions or arrange your interview please email sophie.wood@stu.mmu.ac.uk

If you do not have a postcard but would like to submit a story about your treasured garment please get in touch


 The Researcher 

I’m Sophie, a PhD student who lives in South East London but studies at Manchester Metropolitan University at the Manchester Fashion Institute.

I have a life long interest in the power of fashion and clothing,  it always meant more to me than simply having ‘the latest style’ or dressing appropriately for the occasion or weather. A self confessed hoarder, I find it very difficult to throw things away.

My previous jobs at high street stores and vintage markets mean I’ve amassed a large amount of clothes, many of them I don’t wear. However, just because I have kept an item of clothing, it doesn’t mean it’s treasured, in fact, there are only 1 or 2 items in my wardrobe that I would describe as ‘treasured’. This realisation formed the foundations of this project.

I hold an MA in Fashion Curation from London College of Fashion and a BA (Hons) in English Literature from Goldsmiths (University of London).